About me

Qualified Massage therapist and certified Healer with a background in Yoga, Theatre, and Body-Mind-Centering. Since 1997 I have been involved in ritualistic work with plant teacher Ayahuasca. My study and research into Tantric Massage began in 2007 with the Body Electric School in Amsterdam.

After years of giving Tantric treatments I started to become curious how I could take these treatments to another level. I felt that giving men this experience was not fulfilling enough. Something was missing..
In 2014 I started the 'One year training' with Authentic Eros, in Berlin. This course is based on Breathe therapy, Meditation, Massage, Movement, Dancetherapy, Bodywork and Behavior Therapy. To complete this year I joined the Sacred Intimacy course in which many ingredients that I had gathered from different backgrounds came together. I found the way to create a session in which I could combine ritual with playground, a ceremony to honour manlyhood, sexual history, present and future.

In 2016 I joined my friend and collegue Andy Saich in a workshop on BodyFlow, a massage technique in which the practicioners body is used as a tool to create maximum pressure and Intimacy. 
In this same year I designed a workshop for men to become more familiar and comfortable with their own skills to heal themselves and others. A workshop in which I share my skills, thoughts and visions on Sacred Bodywork and Sensual Healing. My goal with these workshops is to help men encounter their Sacred Sexual Spirits, to share and explore their Healing capacities in a safe and playful environment.

Certificate One Year Training - Authentic Eros, Berlin.

Certificate Sacred Intimacy - Authentic Eros, Berlin.

A long path of research brought together different qualities and approaches in which I will continue to develop to be able to inspire, touch and help other men. And most of all.. enjoy and share together the magic of Sacred Sexuality.

I hope to meet you and welcome you in either Rotterdam or Amsterdam, or on one of the workshops abroad.


Warm regards,

* Spanish being the language of my heart and breathework an important part of these sessions
I chose the word Respiro as banner for my work.
RespiRo : breathe, relief, radiance of light