Calender 2019

  • May 25 / 27 : Connections Festival London (
  • June 1 / 6 : Respiro is available in Ibiza for individual sessions
  • June 10 / July 16 : Respiro Rotterdam & Amsterdam is open
  • July 19 / 21 : Stretch Festival Berlin (
  • July 23 / 30 : Respiro is available in Berlin for individual sessions
  • August 24+25 : Respiro-Touch (weekend) workshop Berlin
  • August 27 / September 10 : Respiro is available in Berlin
  • September & October : Respiro Rotterdam & Amsterdam is open
  • October 19 : Respiro-Touch workshop Amsterdam !
  • October 26+27 : Stretch Imagine Berlin

Next workshop coming up :

Respiro-Touch BERLIN :
2 days of playful research on personal healing qualities, shamanic bodywork and the exploration & celebration of Eros

On the auspicious day of August 24, we honor & celebrate the African deity and spaceholder of Respiro workshops: Oxumaré (Rainbow in Yorubá language).
We embark on a colorful journey in which we express ourselves through guided meditation, movement and explore sensual healing touch in subtle form and massage.
Prepare yourself for a day of surprises, fun and magic. Together we will create a safe and warm environment in which we are able to fully indulge in our Sacred Intimacy.

On day 2 we open Shamanic Eros, a fun and spirited ceremony that will allow us to work with our Totem animals, with specific herbs and flowers. Through the Magical Passes (Shamanic bodywork) we prepare ourselves to explore our healing qualities & share sacred intimacy in a jungle of sound, smoke, touch and magic.
During these days there will be enough space for sharing and individual support Healings and massages will be demonstrated and practiced together. No specific skills are required.

Respiro-Touch workshops are inspired by different spiritual schools, physical & somatic education, Sacred Intimacy training and years of ritualistic work with Plant teachers. 
Together we create a safe and warm environment open for expression, receiving, relaxing, learning and enjoying. 

Let's come together in Berlin this summer as brothers, faeries, rainbow-warriors, lovers and friends to celebrate our Sacred Sexual Spirits ❤

Looking forward to form a circle with you..
Respiro team : Robert, Jim & Moises.


Rates :
Full weekend rate : 220 euro
1 day workshop.   : 125 euro
For discounts please send a p.m. and we find a suitable agreement.

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