Amsterdam 2020 

The house of Ravens opens it’s doors again, after a long break, on October 3 + 4 in de Ruimte in Amsterdam

Many of us have experienced the recent period as confusing and challenging. To help heal this experience, the loneliness, the distancing etc. we will work together to uplift Heart and Spirit. In the colourful way RespiRo Touch expresses, we open a new circle of Light, holding space together, inviting that what needs attention and loving care.
Instead of calling this a weekend workshop I introduce RespiRo Ritual, bringing more attention and intention to the tribal powers of the Rainbow family, standing together as children of Oxumaré, the rainbow deity.
Each day of this weekend will start with a specific healing/cleansing ritual in which you will receive pure, genuine healing touch in a playful, powerful form. Experience a herbal car-wash and a beautiful bathing of the Crown chakra, clearing, cleaning, cleansing, bringing loving attention to the Crown : Corona chakra.
As previous participants have experienced Tensegrity we will deepen our Shamanic movement series with extra steps, rebalancing our physical and energetic bodies. These potent "magical passes" from ancient Mexican lineage will help bring our presence into the here and now, stimulating physical circulation and body awareness: TURNING THE BODY ON.

To empower ourselves we invite and meditate with our Totem animals, introducing a new line of Spirit guides that will inspire and touch hearts, reminding you of your inner knowledge and their companionship. We will incorporate their healing powers and qualities to benefit the process of this weekend and prepare ourselves for the period to come. Activating and inviting the company of these Medicine Animals, enjoying and embracing their powerful magic to help support the process of ourselves and our fellow brothers. 
Through exercise and demonstration of energetic as well as physical work you will find ways of connecting to your healing qualities, your intuition and the healer within you..
In this vibe of joy and enchantment we open the Shamanic and sensual playground of Shamanic Eros, offering you the opportunity to explore, receive, enjoy and put into practise what you have studied and embodied.

As ritual requires we will pray, dance and sing, honouring our Ancestors, creating space for inSpiration, a shower of bliss and the sweetest experience of pure harmonious connection.
Calling the 4 directions we will explore our creative souls with the help of organic bodypaint, putting back our most stylish creations and adourning our fellow companions in this journey with the cutest colors inspired by Indiginous tribes worldwide. We will create our own Rainbow tribe 2020, invoke II Spirit and dance honouring PachaMama, Madre Tierra.

Throughout the weekend we will create a safe space together in which we will explore, experience and exchange the connection of touch, massage, sensual healing and sacred intimacy. Get ready to open up, release, relax, and receive. Let yourself be enchanted, spoiled, nurtured and inspired! Both days you will receive a delicious homemade vegan/ vegetarian lunch and treats will be available throughout the days.
I am excited to share with you that we have a guest teacher this weekend: Andy Butterfield, my friend and collegue from the U.K. Andy is Reiki, Yoga teacher and Tantra practicioner in London and Brighton. We will soon facilitate retreats together in Berlin and Andalucia. This is an introduction into his work, his touch and his wonderful, loving being. For more info on Andy and his work:

Let’s come together and boost our systems,  through harmony, love, support: brotherhood, let’s be present and alive and celebrate our precious existence. Not taking anything for granted, expressing ourselves and the gratitude for the opportunities life is offering us!



Corona: Concerning the current situation we intent to be a respectful and safe container, paying maximum attention to hygiene and making sure all participants are feeling comfortable and have their needs and desires met as far as we can possibly provide. In case of any Covid-19 sympthoms, please contact me. Let's all be safe..


Registration: It is reccommended to do the whole weekend in order to receive maximum benefit of the material that is being offered. Joining one day is possible though.  
Fill in the registration form, when the payment is received, you are registered and will receieve a confirmation.


  • 1 day Ritual: 135 euro, this includes a vegan/vegetarian lunch, snacks and material to work with. This is an indication rate: Students/ lower income/ artists are invited to pay less (amount agreed upon through p.m).

  • Weekend Ritual: with 20 euro discount: 250 euro.

  • RespiRo supporter: help this community and contribute extra to provide space for young particpants and travellers.



With love & cariño,
RespiRo team.

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