Body Flow




A rich and exquisite nude massage technique created by Andy Saich, pioneer of Tantric work since 1990. A fertile and intense session in which LomiLomi massage is combined with bodywork, stretching, manipulation and Sensual massage. The practicioners body is used as a tool to create maximum pressure and Intimacy.
The session starts with a short guided meditation to get to a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness, followed by hands on work and fluently switching to the nude BodyFlow massage. A surprising, blissful, and intense Sensual experience.

This massage includes sliding, kneading and holding into one flow using hands, arms, legs and the whole body as massage tools. It includes close body contact creating a strong sense of connection, care and trust. 
The BodyFlow massage is done on a floor mattress which demands a certain level of flexibility and fitness. Due to the intensity of body and floorwork and necessary preparations for this session an additional 15 euro is charged.


This session lasts about 100 minutes.
Price is 200,- euro. Students are invited to arrange a discount, at the time of booking.