Projects & Festivals :


In 2014 I started my trainings with Authentic Eros in Berlin. In a 1 year training and an additional module of Sacred Intimacy I became a certified Sexological Bodyworker.
One of my teachers, Andy Saich, invited me to perform my first workshop in London where he introduced me as 'touch therapist' and 'Erotic Shaman'.
The last years I have been giving several workshops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam, Krakov and coming soon Tel Aviv, Milano, Ibiza, Barcelona and Sao Paolo.
Especially at Stretch festival in "the Village" Berlin, which is my home base, I offer 4 to 5 times a year the Respiro-touch experience.

Stretch festival, Berlin

Strech community Berlin

Layers of Intimacy (with Valentin Schmehl).

A project in collaboration with Schwules museum, Berlin. April 2019.

Ness festival, Krakow - Poland

Connections festival - Loving men, London