Reviews on workshop



Thank you for the beautiful fulfilling experience and the good vibes you shared! It was a very magical time of connection and exchange of energies! Muchas gracias.

Thank you to Robert, the Erotic Shaman, for opening the energy gates and guiding this group of almost 30 men into a connecting and potent experience.


Really powerful stuff - excellently and smoothly facilitated. I want to incorporate much of it into my own practise. I do hope that Robert will return before too long to lead another, hopefully longer, workshop.


A wonderful, sensual evening enabling me to connect my sexuality and spirituality. It was warmly and sensitively held by Robert: thank you!


Was fantastic!


Most lovely atmosphere and amazingly spiritual, sensual and refreshing. Robert evokes some primal energies with which we so easily lose touch, not only in our sex lives, but also in our daily dealings; a connection with a hedonistic dimension of being that we should always be aware of. A cathartic and energising erotic exploration, both in individual and interpersonal level. Looking forward for another of these!


A friendly, welcoming group of guys in a relaxed, attitude-free setting. I was initially very nervous, but settled in and it was very enjoyable.


Joao Paulo.
Very clean, comfortable and hot. Just loved it.