Sacred Intimacy

What is Sacred Intimacy?

Sacred Intimacy maybe understood as a research area in which Intimacy, Sexuality, Spirituality, Magic and Emotions find eachother.
It is an open space in which we focus together on the Sexuality of men, encouraging it, celebrating it and admiring it.

How does it work?

With sincere intention and presence a safe and Sacred container is created in which you can feel free, protected and relaxed. Time is given for you to explore the Sacredness of Intimacy. You will be invited to open your heart, to talk, share and express your wishes, dreams and desires, wihout shame or prejudice.
Combinations of rituals, bodywork, breath, gentle touch, Sensual massage, warm hugs, are all essential ingredients of a Sacred Intimacy session. It is a special space wherein two people meet - one to be the receiver and the other to be the giver. The exchange is “one-way” but certain excercises can be exchanged, which give the opportunity to experience touching with awareness, to experiment and explore Sensual massage with and on another man.
Giving permission is a fundamental part of Sacred Intimate work. Permission to receive pleasure, to feel your whole body, to bring consciousness to Sex and touch, to live your Spirituality without blocking your Sexuality and vice versa, to be seen naked, to see another man naked, are all elements.

How do Sacred Intimates work?

Sacred Intimates work with the intersection of body, Eros, emotion and Spirit. We see the power of pleasure as a healing experience, and we are committed to supporting pathways to Sexual freedom and erotic abundance.

How can I prepare for a Sacred Intimacy session?

You can prepare yourself by thinking of an intention for this session, something you would want to work on/with. It is adviced not to ejaculate at least 1 or 2 days prior to the session. And ofcourse, make sure you are fresh and clean.

Each Sacred Intimacy session lasts approximately two hours and costs 260,- euros.
Students are invited to arrange a discount, at the time of booking.