Sensual Healing


In the Sensual Healing I will take you on a warm and delicious trip, a journey through your own body, emotions and sensations. 
Combining strong massage with fluent LomiLomi techniques on the back of the body, I will help you enter your bodyawareness and let you sink into the moment. With warm oil I let your skin shiver and melt. Taking the time to really tune in with yourself and releasing all that is in between you and the present moment.
Sounds of Sensual music, gentle touch, footmassage..... all to help you relax and get you out of your head and into your body. Massage of the legs and hips will waken up the lower chakras and the genital massage will activate the flow of Eros. All you have to do is surrender to the richness of this erotic touch and experience the pleasure of feeling alive!
Sexual energy is activated to stimulate circulation and by spreading this energy over your whole body blockages can be removed, the chakra system gets more alligned and your energy will flow stronger.

All sessions are designed to raise energy, pleasure and awareness. Ejaculation is not the goal, better yet we try to prevent it in order to create an energy boost. The "happy end" in my sessions are experienced when you leave recharged and inspired.

With sincere intention and attentive presence I intend to create a safe and sacred container where the receiver can feel free, protected and able to relax and open up within.

- The session lasts about 90 min.
Price is 150,- euro. Students are invited to arrange a discount, at the time of booking.


Deep Sensual


Starting the session with a short guided meditation and an undressing ritual, thus entering a more intimate atmosphere and feeling of equality.
A simular massage to the Sensual Healing massage but providing an extra layer of Intimacy through sharing nudity. A more profound experience of a Sensual Healing in a warm and intimate connection.

- The session lasts about 100 min.
Price is 185 euro. Students are invited to arrange a discount, at the time of booking.