Shamanic ErosĀ 




A treatment in which Sexuality and Shamanic influences find eachother. A session that can be experienced as a journey through Sex and Spirit.
Smudging the energybody with healing herbs like white Sage and palo Santo to evoke Spiritual energy and to clean and purify. During a guided mediation we invite the healing and empowering qualities of different Totem Animals connecting them with specific chakra's. Sounds of the drum awaken profound basic energies, activating and stimulating the rootchakra and our ancestral connection. Deep breathing and voicework make you disconnect with mind and help you revitalize your Spiritual and physical body. Combined with subtle, Magical sounds and warm essential oils this treatment is a true trip through body and soul. The erotic touch creates a fire that activates the whole energysystem and makes you enjoy your body, making you feel alive and awake.

In this treatment I share my experience from years of Ritualistic, Shamanic, and Medicine work. I share the passion and magic that I have had the chance to encounter during many journeys, through especially India, Nepalese Himalaya, and most of all my study in Umbanda religion and Ayahuasca study in Brasil and Europe. The Totem Animal meditation is part of the Shamanic Eros workshop. I created this meditation based on ancient animal wisdom told by Elders in the oral tradition of Native America.  

This journey takes about 100 min. The price is 185,- euro.