Tantric Touch 




Tantric Touch Massage is for those who want to deepen their experience on Sexual awareness and Sensual consciousness.
We will start with a short-guided meditation and undressing ritual to completely arrive and to get connected and at ease.
In this session, you will receive a warm and Sensual massage preparing the body for a strong flow of Eros. Making use of several massage techniques I help you go deeper into physical pleasure and help you prolong the Erotic connection with yourself.
We will focus on breath work and energy circulation followed by the genital massage. Becoming aware of how you breathe and stimulating breath to go deeper, will help you release more anxiety or stress symptoms. Breath is the key ingredient in this session for it is the vehicle to a higher connection with your Sexual Spiritual being.
After receiving pleasure, stimulation and feeling your whole body aroused and excited we will complete the Tantric Touch treatment with the "Big draw". This term, introduced by Joseph Kramer, contains conscious breath control and clenching of muscles, creating a huge relief and opening to a beautiful, subtle and intense space in which you can then drift off into, surrender, release, relax and ENJOY.

- Instructions will be given and shown during the introduction.

* In 1984, Joseph Kramer, founded the Body Electric School where he trained thousands of professional massage therapists, erotic bodyworkers and somatic educators. It is the world’s largest community network offering safe sex education today. Joseph founded the legal profession of Sexological Bodywork in 2003.

This session lasts about 120 minutes.
Price is 220,- euro. Students are invited to arrange a discount, at the time of booking.