Weekend Workshops


a touch of Sacred Intimacy

This weekend workshop reflects and recaptures all of the previous workshops. During the first day we will repeat different material of healing touch, incl the sensual healing massage.
On the second day participants are invited to create a customized session for the partner they couple up with.
Participants receive all the information and even a registration form to create a try out version of a Sacred Intimacy session. This way you can experience what it is like to create a sacred safe space in which Intimacy is the too helping the other to open up, to share, express and indulge in a semi-professional session.
An excercise to practice: holding space..: what is it like to serve and offer your qualities and to anoher man. And how do you protect yourself, keep ground and stay true to your own bounderies.
Besides the sessions this weekend will be full of bodywork, meditations, demonstrations of healings and massage and lots of magic, treats and surprises.

This weekend only offers a tip of the experience of a Sacred Intimacy training. Prior to this training the One year training needs to be completed (more info. can be found on www.authentic-eros.com).

The workshop on 19 may 2018, Sacred Intimacy, Amsterdam.

Respiro touch ON TOUR

A 2 day workshop in which elements of the previous workshops will be repeated and put into practice. Combining elements from the workshops Sensual healing, Shamanic Eros and healing Eros.

A weekend with ritualistic work, home-made meditations, shamanic practices, exploring bodywork and of course connecting and healing touch exchange. Exploring our own healing capacities, the connection to ourselves and other men and developing skills for deepening intimacy in our lives.
We will come together in a healing circle of men in all its diversities, colors and cultures, of all ages and backgrounds, sharing one mission : the celebration of brotherhood, of diversity, a tribe of rainbow-warriors getting together to share, support, love and to enjoy. Honoring our different colors, cultures and spiritual backgrounds, all in a safe, warm, loving and respectful environment.

Respiro touch-workshops are based on conscious sexuality, touch with awareness , sacred ritual and the joyful expression of our physical existence.
Give yourself this special treat and surround yourself with like-minded men, reconnecting to your tribe, to your sacred spirit and experience standing strong together.

The workshop february 2019 Berlin