Workshop Shamanic Eros 


a workshop in which you are invited to connect deeply to body and spirit, exploring different forms of healing

  • making use of medicinal herbs, flowers, healing waters and smoke.

  • connecting to spirit guides through totem meditation

  • energizing the chakra-system through shamanic movement and bodywork

  • experiencing a playful and exciting jungle of healing, magic & excitement

  • Incorporating different Totem animals to work with their specific healing qualities

  • exchanging warm and intimate touch in a sensual healing massage

  • exploring your own sacred sexuality and your personal healing capacities

In this workshop I share a bit more on my experience as a healer in certain spiritual, shamanic traditions. Together we focus a bit more on the Shamanic touch of Healing. You will receive herb-baths and you will explore and experiment yourself how to work with different herbs to help clean, relax or heal the subtle, energetic body. Smudging (burning of specific herbs) another man or using flowers to help open the heart-chakra.

Especially for this workshop I created the Totem mediation, an active-guided meditation in which we connect to our guides and Totems animals. This can create an empowering effect and can be an inspiration for the rest of the day or any for projects or challenges in life.
A playful workshop in which we enter we will enter an enchanting forest where magic, intimacy, pleasure and healing take place. In this Forest nudity is welcome… And ofcourse the Sensual Healing Massage, another ingredient of this workshop. You will exchange this warm, sensual healing with another man, while I guide you through it.
Creating a space to deeply enjoy the loving care and attention of another man and giving the opportunity to connect yourself with your own healing qualities, helping your partner relax and dive into the delicious sensations this touch can bring.


Shamanic Eros, Amsterdam.

  • The workshop on 14 may 2017 in Amsterdam, Shamanic Eros.

  • the guided meditation,

  • the Totem animals,

  • demonstrating different forms of healing touch