Workshop Tantric Touch 


A one day workshop for men that are interested in exploring spiritual awareness in sexual contact, pleasure and intimacy.

This touch-workshop emphasizes on channeling the Tantric energies throughout the whole body during an erotic massage.
Through bodywork and meditation we will connect to our own sacred space after which we will encounter other men and share touch, healing and intimacy experiencing and enjoying our sensual capacities.
We will practice simple breathing techniques that will help channel the intensity of a Tantric massage and spread this energy throughout the whole system to be able to experience a higher vibration of sacred sexuality. The Tantric massage will be demonstrated and once you are partnered up you will be guided the whole session through.

In this workshop we will enter a conscious state of mind and create a connected sense of physical and spiritual awareness towards ourselves and to the rest of the group. A workshop to share interests, to experience the power of a group of sexual explorers and most importantly a day of celebrating life, warm intimacy, magic and FUN!

Tantric Touch, Rotterdam.

The workshop on 3 march 2018 in Rotterdam