Workshop Sensual Healing


In this workshop we focus on uniting Sex with Spirit. We will create a playful, safe and warm environment together, in which we will be able to share, feel, touch and enjoy!
We bring our attention inwards through guided mediation, sound and breathework, connecting to the present moment, grounding ourselves, sinking into our bodies and activating our healing capacities.
Through different kinds of physical exercises body awareness will be created and sexual energy activated. While moving through the space, on the beats of the Shaman drum you will encounter your brothers with whom you will explore and exchange Sensual Healing touch..

During this workshop the Sensual Healing Massage will be demonstrated and you will be guided through this sweet, gentle and erotic form of healing, balancing the sexual and spiritual energies and boosting the chakra system.
An easy and pleasant way out of your head and into your body.
We will do massage exchange sessions using erotic and gentle touch to help each other relax, enjoy and experience the sweet magic of Sacred Sexuality.

This workshop is designed to get in touch with yourself, with your breathe, your heart and your Spirit. We will explore our personal healing qualities and exchange the subtle and warm Sensual touch.