RespiRo touch - Berlin

Two days of exploring, exchanging and experiencing Sacred, Sensual Healing touch. A weekend in which you will be receiving instructions how to connect to your own healing capacities and put them into practice. Through guided meditations and bodywork we build up physical and energetic awareness. We play around giving shape and expression expanding our heart energy, which will be shared in a healing heart circle. With this group- awareness on what needs healing inside our community, in our tribe and inside of us as queer individuals we will practice and exchange healing touch. Throughout the weekend we build up the more subtle healing-forms to a more sensual approach. Genital meditation, sensual healing massage and finally we enter a playful, enchanted forrest in which we will be able to combine shamanic healing with sensual healing techniques. During this weekend there will be enough space to ask questions, reflect and to share. Mid-Winter, a great time to come together to form a circle of like-minded men in a safe, warm environment and to fully enjoy and express our Sacred Sexual Spirits. Aho!

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Get together and surround yourself with other Sacred, Sexual explorers!

In my workshops we focus on uniting Sexuality with Spirituality. Together we create a playful, safe and warm space, in which we will be able to share, feel, touch and enjoy!
We bring our attention inwards through guided meditation, sound and breathework, connecting to the present moment, grounding ourselves, sinking into our bodies and activating our Healing capacities. Through different kinds of physical excercises body awareness will be created and through playful interaction Sexual energy activated.

During my workshops I will share some of my skills, visions and experiences on Spirituality and Sexuality. Honouring different Spiritual backgrounds, using parts of Shamanic Healing and combining this with playful Bodywork.
We will do massage exhange sessions using erotic and gentle touch to help each other relax, enjoy and experience the sweet magic of Sacred Sexuality.
Give yourself the opportunity to get connected with like minded men, to recieve conscious touch and sweet Intimacy, to explore your own Healing capacities, to practise Sensual massage with other men and most importantly to have fun and to encounter your own Sacred Sexual Spirit.

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